In Iowa, the public sector has a significant impact on the state’s economy. The state has proposed to spend over $70 million in capital construction projects in fiscal year 2021, and millions more to obtain other types of goods and services on behalf of state agencies.

Every year, the State of Iowa awards numerous public contracts, both large (like the controversial $50 million dollar grant to Workday for a new financial software system) and small (an official agenda item was required for the bulk purchase of 61 cent pens by the Iowa Public Information Board).

Selling goods or services to Iowa state agencies, cities, counties, or schools could open a business to potentially lucrative new markets. However, the public procurement process in Iowa is quite different than the typical contract and sales process. Businesses that make mistakes in the process can be shut out of the public contracting system, and could potentially face civil or criminal penalties.

Entries in this blog will highlight a variety of opportunities where companies can seek to become vendors to Iowa public agencies. In addition, informational posts will provide insight as to the laws and rules governing the public procurement process in Iowa.

The attorneys at Dickinson Law have trained both vendors and public officials on the sometimes difficult administrative law issues relating to the public contracting process.

Public Bidding Opportunities

The following is a summary of selected public contract bidding opportunities for the week of July 27, 2020. As each procurement authority has the ability to set guidelines relating to its own processes, interested businesses are encouraged to monitor the official procurement website for any modifications or updates.

  • The State of Iowa wants to find a vendor that can assist with space utilization and planning. Potential needs may include “master planning, interior design, full design/construction documents, interior design development, and related project management for State owned or leased properties.”
  • The Iowa Department of Human Services seeks help obtaining a patient and bed tracking system to help the agency monitor contracted mental health and child welfare services being rendered both within the State of Iowa and in bordering states.
  • The University of Iowa seeks to buy washers and dryers, as well as related programming and installation.


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