Sustainable Procurement


‘Sustainable procurement’ is considering both environmental and social factors when making a purchasing decision. The aim is to minimise your purchases’ environmental and social impacts.

Traditionally, only the upfront cost mattered when choosing what to buy but this initial outlay may not be the largest expense. Whole life costs include this initial outlay but also consider the operational and disposal costs of the product.

Our Targets:

  • That your company procurement frameworks are more attractive financially, more environmentally friendly and faster than other routes, and therefore, more clients and suppliers use them.
  • To achieve to your company/institution at least level 4 ‘Enhance’ across all themes of the Sustainable Procurement Flexible Framework.
  • For institutions to consider sustainability criteria within their procurement activity.

Sustainable Procurement Reports
We analyse and advise the best practices for your company/institution about energy efficient, cost savings, waste costs, ethical purchases and green purchases.
Training Internal Teams for best practices in green purchases and ethical purchases.
Sustainability Goals Assessment
Our teams advice you and support you defining your sustainability goals, in accordance to your business sector.
Legal Conformity
Evaluating your market and operational context, we provide the right guidelines and tools your business needs to ensure legal compliance.