Supply Chain Mapping


Companies can discover ways to improve supply chain operations through supply chain mapping exercise with a framework from the development of operational strategy to the implementation of new management practices, including suppliers who indirectly contribute components or services.

Supply chain mapping is the process involving companies and suppliers to report the exact source of every raw material, process, service, product and freight implicated in bringing goods to market.

It can be so complex that the employees themselves cannot achieve an effective result of mapping the entire chain. Gatewit combines the knowledge of methodologies with technology and delivers a highly reliable service, vital to any company that wants to guarantee an effective mapping with accurate information.

Social Collaboration
Teams can work together from all of the Organizations in a supply chain to detail information demanded.
Map Physical Location
At this stage we put the physical locations in a value stream. Technologically it is possible to guarantee the location in a simple way with reduced costs.
High visibility
Supply Chain Mapping collects information from each layer of the chain, and converts it into graphical representations of easy interpretation.
Information Flows
Information flows covers the extended supply chain in several layers and link relationships.