Supplier Pre-Qualification


Manage suppliers information can be a strenuous work, and a have a high cost for procurement teams. Maintain the information updated is another issue affecting buyers and suppliers.

With Gatewit Pre-Qualification, buyers and suppliers have a service where they need to do very little, because all the work is done by the qualification teams.

Vendors provide the data once, which are updated periodically, and all buyers can query on a single site. The pre-qualification allows reducing the unfair competition, give visibility to the suppliers, and maintain a market of healthy and competitive companies.

Validation Process
In the pre-registration the supplier is asked to send more information if he wants to enter the next levels of qualification. Therefore, Gatewit teams make the admission of the supplier in one of the levels of qualified data base, which diverge depending on the documents sent by the supplier.
Gatewit services hold validations with official authorities. Compliance requirements are collected in the most relevant entities to certify the conformity.
Risk Assessment
Calculates supplier risk metrics. Risk assessment is completed in accordance with the supplier information related to his sector of activity and country.
A 3rd party auditor performs vendor audits that allow, on the one hand, identifying problems and improving them, and on the other hand giving buyers the confidence to maintain reliable contractual relationships.