Supplier Information Management

How do you manage the information related to your suppliers?

Supplier Information Management. These days, organisations need to communicate effectively, sharing information seamlessly, reaching partnerships that result in enhanced productivity and performance of supply chains.

The platform Gatewit Supplier Information Management ® is a tool that enables purchasers, public or private bodies, an automation and management of information concerning the supplier´s performance. Set the information you want from your suppliers, by sending an invitation to these companies to reply to standard templates or customized questionnaires. The suppliers reply to these questions will enable the organization to manage this information according to its interests and needs.



1# Add suppliers

Automatically add suppliers that you intend to manage and analize, through the import of an excel file.

2# Create and send questionnaire

Create a questionnaire from the standard template provided by Gatewit® or customize it according to your needs and select the recipients of the questionnaire for sending.

3# Analyze results

Check the questionnaire, after submission by the supplier, search and compare the information provided by other suppliers.

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