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It’s an important tool that provides the management e knowledge of supplier activities related to a given Organization. Evaluate selection, quality of product and services it is a crucial exercise to know and take actions in procurement cycle.


  • Supplier data base
  • Build evaluation model
  • Stablish supplier groups
  • Configure workflow
  • Report suppliers incidents
  • Approvals
  • Set a deadline
  • Evaluation or multiple evaluations


  • A single overview over all suppliers performance
  • Recognition of the performance of the most relevant suppliers in the supply chain
  • Ensures that the evaluation criteria are adequate to meet the purpose of the supply
  • Knowledge of the results by evaluation factor
  • Audit and track results over time


Organizations that want to ensure that purchased products and services meet the specified purchase requirements.

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Multiple evaluation models
Customized parameterization of the evaluation criteria with the insertion of multiple models in the system.
Ability to elaborate a qualitative scale of balanced evaluation. The overall assessment of the supplier is determined on the basis of the scores and weight assigned to each main level. Each metric can have its own evaluation scale and simultaneously, each option of the scale scores an assigned score.
Supplier groups
The Supplier Group concept is defined as a set of suppliers that share certain characteristics and can be evaluated using the same Evaluation Model.
Multiple evaluators
Evaluations can be done by multiple stakeholders.
Suppliers blacklists
Customers can blacklist a supplier and decide if that can be accessed by others.
Custom dashboards to each user profile. Graphical representation of supplier behaviour or group of suppliers in a standardized and fast way (results), as well as the percentages of evaluated suppliers
Non Functional Requirements
Roles-Based Security and Access to Suppliers
Different supplier employees will need to be involved in the different parts of an RFI, RFP or RFQ.
Solution provide audit logs with activity details.
Milestone alerts
Ability to system provides alerts when a milestone date is missed.
Report automatic distribution
Capacity to share reports to pre-defined stakeholders.
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