Supplier Compliance


Supplier Compliance Service are to companies with culture of compliance.

Gatewit Supplier Compliance Service transfer to our teams all the concerns about ensuring that your suppliers are meeting your contractual, legal, environmental, safety or simply internal requirements, so that you can focus in your business development.

An UK study on Supply Chain related to this topic, brings out the value in improving both productivity and compliance capabilities. A high level of supplier’s compliance has a direct impact on higher customer retention rates.

Comply Setting-Up
Our teams advice you and support you defining your compliance requirements framework. There is also collected all internal requirements, those that are unique to your company.
Qualification Outline
Based on the result of the comply setting-up, the analysts design the structure that will serve as the background for the adequate qualification of the suppliers. This outline will provide multiple compliances in a single process.

Qualification outline can be host in the Supplier Information Management Platform, where you can access to dashboards and all supplier information centralised, which is a powerful collaboration tool.

Advanced Compliance Unit
GATEWIT provide an exclusive team of compliance experts who will ensure that all transactions comply with your defined framework and the full contract requirements are deliver.