Supplier Audits


How do you ensure your suppliers meet your company’s quality, safety, social and environmental standards?

And how do you ensure that you are meeting the requirements and expectations of your customers?

Gatewit has a team of specialized auditors in different fields, which delivers the compliance status according to the main business areas of companies.

Buyers access each supplier’s compliance status, and suppliers have the opportunity to improve their processes to better meet their customers’ expectations.

Technical Audit
Gatewit performs technical audits according to each activity sector. The auditor establishes a checklist providing international, legal and regulatory standards of a business area. Buyers can also establish technical requirements (contractual for example) that they want to see audited.
Reputation Audit
Reputable audits result in reputational notation of a company. Audit is performed using connectivity to external sources of information around the world.
Standards Conformity Audit
The audit is performed in accordance with one or more national or international standards defined by the buyer or the supplier.
As a result of one or more audits, Gatewit assigns a score to each Organization according to pre-established and known criteria.