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Public Sourcing platform allows any public authorities processes to be managed in its entirety in a single technological system, allowing increasing competitiveness and reducing costs. It’s an electronic integration of public entities and suppliers making transactions securer, more confidential, faster, transparent, simple and effective.

It grants simplifying and making public procurement systems more accessible to market vendors. All process are dematerialized and conduced centrally. This platform is in accordance with the applicable legislation in each country, being at the moment under European legislation on public procurement.


Public Buyers Interface

  • Create public tender
  • Define evaluation factors
  • Approvals
  • Launch of the public tender to the market
  • Receiving proposals
  • Proposals opening
  • Previous hearing
  • Proposals evaluation
  • Award
  • Qualification documents
  • Contract


Suppliers Interface

  • View opportunities
  • Tenders access
  • Subscribe tender
  • Tender response
  • Answered tenders consulting
  • Award/ qualification consulting


  • Greater access to public markets by suppliers
  • Competitiveness increasing
  • Costs reduction
  • Reduction of tender cycle
  • Public tender control
  • Prospecting, assessment and qualification
  • Audit efficiency
  • Increasing of anti-corruption prevention
  • Compliant processes assurance


All the Public Organizations around the world who wants to create competitiveness and security in public procurement in their countries. Public Authorities gain visibility over spend, track and maximize the use of taxpayers’ money, and enforce regulatory compliance.

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Users access control and authentication
User rights and permissions determine access level within the system. Ability to multifactor authentication.
Dashboard visibility Pipeline Management
Visibility on projects, initiatives against specified benchmarks, benchmarks including but not limiting to Target, estimated benefits, category, sector, time, owner, team etc…
Compliance guidance
Automatic detection of errors in the user’s actions.
Electronic signature of documents;
All the documents are electronically signed before get in the platform (by buyers and suppliers).
Automatic publishing of competitors list
Ability to automatically publish the list of competitors after the opening proposals.
Multiple files attaching
Attach multiple files at once (drag & drop), without resorting to zip or rar formats;
Non Functional Requirements
Global availability of 99.9% solution and guarantee of 24x7x365 solution operation monitoring.
Multi-channel support for tool use.
Information Security
Best practices, policies and regulatory compliance requirements aim assuring the security of information.
Systems and integration
Ability to automatic exchange of information between software systems.
Track Records
It provides end-to-end flow of procurement information through a single system.
Account Manager
The Account Manager assumes privileges interlocuting a close proximity relationship with Gatewit.
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