Госзакупки в сфере IT в марте-апреле выросли в два раза

The volume of public procurement in the sphere of information technologies (computer and office equipment, software and licenses) increased in March-April this year, almost twice in comparison with the same period of 2019 to 41.9 billion rubles, follows from the data of the project “Marker” (formerly “SPARK-Marketing”) group “Interfax”.

Most of these funds went to the purchase (about 16 thousand of procedures) software and licenses – 20.7 billion rubles. A year earlier, the agencies spent about 12 thousand purchase of software and licenses for a total amount of 14 billion roubles.

The growth of procurement of hardware (computer equipment and office equipment) in the context of a pandemic coronavirus and mode of isolation was much greater. The volume of such purchases has increased almost three times – up to 13.9 billion rubles (27.2 thousand procurement procedures) from 5.2 billion rubles (24,3 thousand procedures).

It should be noted that the contractors during the conduct of such procurement does not actually use the opportunity of procurement from a single supplier in an emergency situation. The total amount of “emergency purchases” amounted to only 1.7 billion rubles.

A significant portion of purchases of computer hardware in March-April occurred in the laptops that required customers to transfer their employees to work remotely. This has led to bulk purchases of laptops and the depletion of their stocks in warehouses of system integrators and distributors, noted market participants to “Interfax” at the end of March. On the organization of deliveries of new equipment, according to them, you may need 2-3 months.

“Because of the urgency of requests so far mostly sold out inventory, but they are already over, and distributors, too, – said to “Interfax” the Director of the competence center on computing systems of the company “tehnoserv” Vadim Mukhanov. – On new, inventory of supplies in connection with the growth rates of the main currencies and the closures may take 2-3 months.”

“The Russian warehouses of distributors is rapidly emptying, and production and logistics cycles from China has not yet recovered, – added the Executive Director of diHouse Andrey Tarasov (enters into group of companies “LANIT”). – Today, we have delays in the supply of laptops and tablets to three months. How to develop this story further, entirely depends on manufacturers and how quickly they will be able to resume all processes and process queue from a previously placed orders.”

At the end of April the Director of the distribution division “Wide distribution” of the company “MERLION” Tatiana skokova noted that the demand for computer equipment is not reduced, procurement partners remains high. “To the most popular product – laptops – added PC and monitors, the demand for them considerably grew, – she said. – From mid-April the observed deficit on the laptops in the warehouse – immediately deliver the goods from manufacturers is impossible, everything is made in China, which comes back to the normal power, but the cycle from order to the party before the advent of goods in stock is about two months. The rest of the goods while in stock in sufficient quantity”.

“Overall equipment enough – said “Interfax” in “marvel CT” (operates under the brand name “marvel-Distribution”). – Now there is no shortage of almost any product category, including laptops, for which demand is still high.” According to employees of the company, in may, the warehouses will come a new batch of equipment.

As reported, in March this year, the Ministry of Finance gave official explanation on the possibility of procurement from the sole suppliers of any goods, works, services with the introduction of high alert mode.

“With the introduction of high alert mode in connection with the distribution of new coronaviruses infections caused 2019-NCOV, the customer is entitled to procure any goods, works and services required in connection with the introduction of high alert mode, on the basis of paragraph 9 of part 1 of article 93 of the law “On the contract system” (44-FZ – from a single supplier), as the spread of a new coronavirus infection is a circumstance of insuperable force”, – noted in the Ministry’s letter.

At the same time Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Russia (also in an official letter) gave clarification in respect of public procurements in the context of pandemic coronavirus. From the document follows that in cases in public procurement the service will consider this pandemic as the force majeure event.

Also in explanations of the FAS noted that the acquisition aimed at prevention, prevention and liquidation of consequences of the proliferation COVID-19 can be from a single supplier – subject to the availability of cause-and-effect relationship of the goals and objectives of this procurement.

According to preliminary data “Marker”, in April, the contractors spent about 37 thousand procurement due to the emergency (procurement of apostasia) for a total amount of 75 billion rubles.

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