The Power of W

Why the W and not the G word?

Procurement market with software and consulting.

To assume the W like a Gatewit symbol starts to contradict the natural expectation that the G as the first letter should be imputed like a graphical reference. This, the unusual wins more relevance and easily calls the attention for what we want to express. A powerful letter being able to establish the finest associations: W from World, Win and Work. Our letter choice is the sum of two V’s, meaning relationship and partnership. Structurally, the shape is composed by the angular and symmetrical lines, gathering the values ​​of dynamism and corporation.

The W represents a friendly and invitational gesture by being with open arms, signal of reinforced proximity by the rounding of the vertices that intent to compensate some rigor translated in the stiffness of shapes.

The overlap of the pieces that compose the W, projects transparency a highly respected value in Gatewit.

Gatewit is a leading developer of eProcurement platforms offering a suite of Source-to-Pay solutions. Organisations around the world use Gatewit platforms to get the best value from their procurement processes, reduce costs, increase visibility and control over spending.

With more than a decade of experience in public and private organisations, our knowledge, expertise and technological capability allow us to tailor our solutions to the needs of our clients.

Couting more than 18 years of experience in developing Supply Chain Solutions and eProcurement Software, Gatewit is always one step ahead!
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