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When payment process is not working very well, adopt a payment management platform will be the best choice. Manage your payments will be easier and faster.


  • Access to supplier data base
  • Invoice registration
  • Payment registration
  • Introduction of deadlines
  • Approvals
  • Alerts


  • Decrement of processing failures
  • Reduction of invoice losses
  • Invoice management improvement
  • Payments control
  • Transaction administration improvement


Usually the invoice processing system between buyers and suppliers is described as slow and costly. Business organizations still have some challenges in all phases of the reception cycle, confirmation, approval and invoices payment. Organizations who need to improve their payment process will find in the platform an essential tool to do it.

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Data loading: suppliers, buyers and order forms
Automatic loading of your suppliers and / or buyers files by uploading.
Invoice registration
Invoice registration may be carried out by the buyer himself or by the provider. The solution guarantees a simple invoice registration process based on 3 steps: invoice data, file attachments and confirmation of invoice data.
Purchase orders and Approvals
You can also associate purchase order notes to the purchase request reference and compare and analyse information between registered purchase orders and invoices received. An approval workflow can be parametrized.
Alerts and notifications
This functionality is available to both the buyer and the supplier. When sending the purchase order, receipt of invoices and payment deadlines, alerts and / or notifications are sent to the buyer and the supplier.
Payment record
Ability to organize your payments by typing them as: unpaid invoices, overdue invoices and payments made, as well as associate your payments with a bank and / or bank account. After a payment is made it is possible to register the general data associated with it, and attach files by upload.
Extraction and data processing
Extraction of information from several IT systems, allowing automatic loading of data correlated with suppliers and order notes by storing them in a database.
Non Functional Requirements
Document Management
All documents are saved with version control for future retrieval.
Storage and scalability
Ability to storage a large size of files and opportunity to extensible repository.
The solution provides a method for reporting on audit records.
Multi-factor authentication
Ability to define more than an authentication factor, since it is classified information.
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