Payment invoices

Automation of management processes invoices and orders.

The solution Payment® is a platform to manage invoices, which allows the support, control and management of all the transactions between customers and suppliers, by using a cloud based electronic platform, enabling the process automation.

Designed to reduce the costs of processing invoices and order forms, we offer cutting-edge technology that allows the control and management of invoices issued and paid from various suppliers and items, centralising all the information in one place. Automate processes for managing invoices and order forms, save time and money.

A comprehensive solution that provides users with a process able to monetize and monitor the activities of the Finance and/or Purchases Department that:

  • Effective cost reduction with paper receipts and sendings
  • Treasury Control
  • Effective dematerialisation of administrative tasks
  • Better control of the information and of the items received
  • Ease of communication between buyer and supplier
  • Optimisation of the environmental policy of the Organisation.


1# Upload Order Forms

Automatically upload all your order forms, via an excel file.

2# Register Invoices

Associate invoices to your order forms. Record your invoices or send them to be recorded by the supplier. Attach files to your invoices by uploading them.

3# Register Payments

After the payment, record the general data associated with the possibility of attaching a file by uploading it.

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