DUBLIN, July 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Origina, a leading global IBM® third-party software support provider, announced its partnership with Bramble Hub today. The collaboration enables Origina to work with the UK’s public sector using Crown Commercial Services frameworks to deliver quality independent software support for IBM® applications at an affordable price.

Bramble Hub is a specialist in government procurement, operating as a Crown Commercial Services Supplier across a wide range of frameworks for public sector customers. Since 2006, it has developed relationships with over 300 of the UK’s most brilliant and capable ICT companies and works with all public sector verticals.

“Bramble Hub was created to enable high-quality SME suppliers to offer their services to the government and wider public sector,” Matt Bell, Bramble Hub’s Partner Manager, said. “We welcome the continued involvement of Origina and its intuitive service offering, which helps IBM® software customers reduce annual costs and get better software support.”

Bramble Hub has successfully worked with Origina to deliver solutions into Central Government, enabling customers to reduce cost and procure software support.

Origina is an independent software support provider for over 800 IBM® software products like DB2, Cognos, MQ, InfoSphere, FileNet and others. Its team of 600+ Global IBM® Experts – many of whom were the original coders for the application they specialise in – help companies maintain their software and extend the lifecycle of those products while saving 50 percent annually on costs.

Origina is available for the CCS RM3821 Data & Application Solutions and RM3804 Technology Services 2 frameworks and is now also available through NHS LPP framework for software and managed services.

To learn more about how to work with Origina through Bramble Hub, contact Origina today: https://www.origina.com/contact.

About Origina

Origina is the world’s leading provider of independent IBM® software support in a rapidly expanding independent third-party software maintenance (TPSM) market. The company works with some of the largest companies across the world, saving them hundreds of millions of dollars. Addressing the demand from organizations needing lower-cost alternatives to the escalating price of technical maintenance, support, and consulting services offered by IBM®, Oracle, and SAP, the TPSM market is anticipated to pass $1bn by 2022.

Origina is one of the most exciting high-growth technology support companies to come out of Ireland. Using a unique platform-enabled and flexible business model allows it to help IBM® software clients to switch from IBM®, generate savings of 50 percent and get a vastly improved service.

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