LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Infiniti Research is the world’s leading independent provider of strategic market intelligence solutions. Our market intelligence services are designed to connect your organization’s goals with global opportunities. Today’s international business environment demands in-depth, accurate, and reliable local business information to ensure that global companies gain a strong foothold in foreign markets. Our global industry specialist teams ensure the international consistency of our research, enabling powerful access to the real story behind consumer change. Request a FREE brochure for more insights into our solutions portfolio.

“Although the chemical sector offers immense potential, it also poses significant procurement-related operational challenges for players in this sector,” says a market research analyst at Infiniti Research.

The global chemical industry currently represents one of the largest worldwide interacting sectors delivering essential materials to several major industries including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, manufacturing and construction, and automotive. This is an indicator of the fact that any major changes in the chemical industry could also significantly affect these related sectors. Procurement is an unceasing challenge for companies across various sectors, and procurement in the chemical industry is no exception. In fact, procurement challenges are particularly pronounced for chemical sector companies. Implementing sustainable solutions is the way forward for CPOs in chemical companies to effectively meet critical procurement challenges.

Chemical companies must develop a rapid response to address the ongoing market challenges due to COVID-19. Request a FREE proposal for comprehensive market insights and agile strategies to overcome market disruptions due to the ongoing crisis.

We have listed below how Infiniti’s procurement market intelligence can help CPOs’ combat procurement challenges:

Category market intelligence: With advanced market intelligence techniques, experts at Infiniti Research help CPOs and other key decision makers in chemical organizations to analyze and understand best practices for category-specific strategies and sourcing of chemical ingredients as well as raw materials. Our techniques can also support companies in the chemical industry with in-depth market knowledge and price benchmarks to create a competitive edge over other market players.

Demand planning and management: Infiniti’s demand planning and management solutions help procurement in chemical companies by providing critical insights on cross-functional optimization strategies and also pin-pointing capabilities to identify key cost-saving opportunities for companies in the chemical industry.

Supplier risk management strategies: Our team of experienced risk-management experts offer specific supplier management and evaluation insights that help organizations in the chemical industry explore various supplier-related risks and improve their decision-making process during supplier selection. We also help chemical companies for undertaking specific supplier assessments.

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