COVID-19 has been like an out-of-control freight train for supply chain and logistics. It has thrown off transport movements, logistics volumes and production capacity across the world.

To combat new threats and mitigate supply chain risk, our partners at eft by Reuters Events, bring together experts from Walmart, Huawei and McCormick and Co. for a virtual roundtable: COVID19: Supply Chain Risk Management

Sign-up for the virtual roundtable here (10AM EST, May 22)

Speakers Josh Buchannan, Director, Supply Chain Design & Innovation, Walmart, Tim Danks, VP, Risk, Huawei and Loudon Owen, CEO and Chair, DLT Global and Brant Matthews, VP Global Strategic Sourcing, McCormick and Co share lessons learned on critical supply chain resilience challenges, including:

  • Asses your global sourcing model including diversification of sourcing partners and onshoring opportunities

  • Undertake scenario analysis to build a resilient supply chain network, that absorbs upstream and downstream disruption

  • Evaluate inventory policies, considering the trade-off between system responsiveness, optionality and inventory management costs

  • Identify opportunities to improve transparency along your supply chain to increase revenue and reduce operating costs


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