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Contract Management Solution (CMS) it’s a platform that provide to an Organisation manage contracts lifecycle and allow know contracts performance. The aim is to save time elaborating and closing the contract, as also have automatically control of service level agreements and renewals of each contract. Analyse a supplier contract or all the contracts of a given category provide an efficient contract management.

In the specific case of Portugal, in accordance with transparency and good public management measures, the Public Procurement Platform allows for excellence in the performance of the Contract Manager (entered into force on January 1st, 2018, by the new Code of Public Contracts, introducing the figure of the Contract Manager, whose function is the permanent monitoring of the execution of the contract and whose non-compliance may incur criminal liability).


Contract managers will manage in a single platform all contracts under their responsibility.

  • Pull from a library;
  • Contract build;
  • Upload and download;
  • Clauses negotiation;
  • Electronic approvals;
  • Signatures from the buyer and form the supplier, all in a simple electronic process;
  • State overview.


  • 100% paper free
  • Smart contract repository
  • Optimized negotiation flow
  • Increase transparent operations
  • Audit reporting
  • Data analysis automation


Organizations that need to create or improve the procurement framework. This solution is the answer to organizations that have:

  •  Contract files offsite;
  • Manual contract management;
  • Approvals that take a long time to be closed;
  • No tracking of negotiations;
  • Difficult to manage renewals;
  • Electronic systems that no longer respond the present workflow.

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Custom workflows
Ability to configure a multilevel workflow and set notifications to selected users.
Automated controls
The platform provides alerts and notifications regarding important schedules.
Clauses libraries
Ability to configure a library of contractual clauses giving the possibility to build a new contract from it.
Negotiation and tracking
All communications during the negotiations between supplier and buyers take place in CMS that are trackable and auditable.
System administrator has the ability to design the approval workflows.
Category performance overview
Contract manager can have access to dashboards where it’s possible to configure different overviews.
Non Functional Requirements
Ability to migrate all buyer contracts to the platform.
Pipeline Management
After parametrizations platform provide a pipeline of projects, targets or others goals.
Platform furnishes an audit module to analysis and review of the contract management.
Ability for buyer and supplier to provide Electronic Signature on the contract.
Measurement and performance
The solution provide flexibility for input of measurement or specifying parameters.
Integrated analytics
Ability to integrate with analytics platform.
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