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Construction management platform makes a contracts management, planning and management of works easier.

Access the management and performance indicators of each project and ensure total visibility of the project. Track the various phases of the work and its evolution through indicators and metrics that allow you to identify and analyse deviations against the planned in a fast and intuitive way.


  • Insert construction works
  • Allocated team management
  • Develop a pricing plan
  • Do the self-consignment
  • Record and edit errors and omissions
  • Perform analysis and price revisions


  • Complete vision of works management;
  • Definition of payment plans and errors and omissions;
  • Sharing information with the whole team;
  • Reduction of risks associated with deviations from planning;
  • Automatic price review tables.
  • Access to crucial metrics and indicators to decision-makers


Gatewit Construction Management platform is designed to meet the specific needs of constructers and project companies.

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Add works and projects
It is quick to add new works and manage existing ones. The platform allows you to insert all the construction works details that you are managing through the introduction of data.
Unit prices chart
The platform provides a template of the unit prices chart so that you can fill it in and insert it in the platform.
Manage construction work
Remaining requirements to be fulfilled: chart of unit prices and preparing payment plans.
Payment plan
When indicating in the plan the details regarding the start date of the payment plan and the contractual values (£), the platform automatically sets the interval between monthly payments. The platform also provides a listing of payments and it is always possible to check which payment plans are in implementation and which are concluded.
Manage team
After inserting the construction work, gather the elements for the team. The platform allows stating and identifying who is part of the team of the construction work project.
Pricing Review
Given the construction industry and the fluctuations that the socio-economic situation presents, the platform allows reviewing prices. This review is done by indicating which kind. This way, you can verify if the construction work and/or contract job has undergone any additional cost in what concerns the value initially stipulated.
Non Functional Requirements
Use experience
High ease of use, close to user needs and requirements.
Integration services
Ensure communication between two or more systems and platforms.
Tableau de board
Attractive graphic representations, to simplify data reading.
Process of improvement and optimization to maintain the perfect working conditions of the platform.
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