Security, quality and innovation are concepts that can define Gatewit services and solutions, along with reducing costs and improving the efficiency of your customer’s processes. The relevant bet in these areas has defined the path of Gatewit, which as technological company with the highest number of certifications, with more than 10 in its business areas, complying with the most demanding national and international standards.

This is another Gatewit investment in building a relationship of trust and prestige with its customers, because when choosing the technological partner there are some criteria to apply that can compensate in the future:

  • Availability, Capacity and Flexibility conditions
  • Complaint treatment process
  • How the organisation manages risks and business continuity
  • Existing certifications (ISO 27001, 9001, 10002, 14001, 20000, NP 4457, Security Accredited, among others)
  • Innovative offer and guarantee of continuous improvement
  • Broad portfolio of solutions and services
  • Integrated solutions
  • Real-time access and application intelligence
  • Security management

Security Accredited Company

GATEWIT is a security accredited company by the National Security Authority in Portugal.

The National Security Office granted to GATEWIT, within the scope of its technological activities, research and development, accreditation in NATO and NATIONAL brand in the Secret and Secret degrees. This accreditation is an act of formal declaration by the National Security Authority (ANS) attesting and certifying the suitability and reliability of a company to access, handle, hold and store classified information, with interest for the exercise of its activity.

The mission of the GNS is to ensure the security of classified information at the national level and of the international organisations to which Portugal is a party and to act as the credentialing authority of persons and companies for the access and handling of classified information, as well as that of accrediting authority and oversight of entities acting within the scope of the State Electronic Certification System – Public Key Infrastructure (SCEE).

ISO 9001 – Quality Management

Gatewit is certified by ISO 9001 through its quality management system. This standard allows us to demonstrate to customers our commitment to the quality of their products and services and customer satisfaction.

ISO/IEC 20000 – IT Service Management

Gatewit is the first company in the sector with this certification. Gatewit is an IT service provider, that meets the highest international quality standards including software support, implementation and development services. ISO 20000 certification ensures that Gatewit has the ability to identify customer needs and manage changes that may be required to meet all requirements.

Gatewit is this internationally recognized for risk management in information security.

ISO 27001 – Information Security Management

ISO 27001 certification guarantees to our customers that their data and confidential information are duly protected in accordance with Portuguese law and international best information security practices. This certification demonstrates to the customer reliability and security of the information of the systems in the aspect of confidentiality, availability and integrity.

Gatewit is thus internationally recognized for risk management in information security.

Gatewit is this internationally recognized for risk management in information security.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management

Gatewit is certified ISO 14001 to demonstrate its commitment to protecting the environment. We uphold an environmental concern that guarantees a lower cost to the customer while benefiting future generations.

Environmental liability for products and services is a basic requirement of permanence in the market.

Companies are expected to meet environmental standards and demonstrate their commitment to the environment. But these requirements are also an opportunity for companies to eliminate waste, risks and unnecessary costs, while reinforcing their values in protecting the environment.

ISO 10002 – Complaints Management

Managing complaints does not mean reducing the number of complaints, but rather taking advantage of the information generated by the complaints and transforming them into opportunities for improvement.

Intelligent complaints management enables us to improve customer service standards and offer an efficient Complaints Management System that sets us apart from competitors. Customer satisfaction shows that Gatewit cares about the feedback it receives, manages and resolves customer complaints effectively.

Gatewit is the only company in the sector to handle complaints based on ISO 10002, in witch is certified.

NP 4457 – RDI Management

This standard is a recognition of our focus on continuous innovation and improvement of results. By retaining talent and gaining new markets, the customer is guaranteed constant innovation in their products/services. Through the 3 pillars of Innovation: knowledge, company and market, Gatewit systematically seeks to create wealth, be more competitive and develop sustainable.