Singapore-based dry bulk shipping company Berge Bulk has reported a 25 per cent increase in team productivity since digitalising its procurement process by integrating the Moscord Marketplace into its SERTICA solution.  

SERTICA allows Berge Bulk to optimise internal procurement processes. By integrating Moscord as a third-party solution into the SERTICA system, onboard users at sea can benefit from easy access to Berge Bulk’s catalogue on Moscord, choosing specific items simply and efficiently create the required requisition order within SERTICA.

All purchase data is centralised and allows detailed analysis, while received orders are automatically added for stock counts and inventory management. All information for payment and accounting is also channelled through the system.

Moving to digital procurement means that Berge Bulk no longer need to spend time on importing and exporting data between systems. They manage everything in SERTICA – even procurement directly in the Moscord e-portal.

When a Berge Bulk ship staff has chosen a product in Moscord, the corresponding item is automatically found in SERTICA, which makes Inventory Management more efficient for the daily user.

By tagging all items with a SERTICA sticker and QR code, Berge Bulk always has a reliable stock update of items available on each ship.

More than 400 officers have received extensive training in SERTICA, and the crew uses the SERTICA Stock App to find the right spare parts. This allows them to push spare parts lists directly into SERTICA to speed up the delivery time.

By centralising procurement in SERTICA with an integration to Moscord, Berge Bulk has achieved an efficient and digital procurement platform with short delivery times, accurate ordering process, and the lowest possible prices.

“SERTICA gives us full control and insight into purchasing. This has increased the productivity of the team by 25 per cent,” said Sim Teck Siang, procurement manager at Berge Bulk.

“As a team, we’re focused on ensuring vital supplies reach our vessels in a timely and efficient manner, but they also have to be the right products, at the correct prices – giving the end user the quality and specifications they require, while delivering optimal value for our business and its stakeholders.

“SERTICA helps us create a standardised process and enjoy greater predictability, also giving us the data to ensure we understand purchasing patterns and can, where applicable, build predictive ordering and automated processes. We see this as a key enabler to unlock added value in procurement.”


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