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Gatewit’s Audit Management Public Procurement solution allows public authorities to consult and manage their public tenders in an organised and simple way. The platform complies with the best practices of digital preservation. It is guaranteed, over time, the preservation of the electronic signatures used in the various tenders, taking into account the XAdES -X standard format adopted and the respective re-signature before the end of validity.

It also provides public authorities a global view on the purchase processes from the creation of a tender, preparation of specifications, publication, invitation to suppliers, receipt of proposals and award.


  • Overview of activities summary and statistical indicators
  • Overview of procurement tenders
  • Consult sate of tenders
  • Contracts management
  • Approvals evidences
  • Digital signature validation
  • Access to audit log
  • Timestamping examination
  • Access to all platform menus


  • All tenders in a single platform
  • Digital information protection against possible damages or inappropriate access
  • Digital preservation in accordance to the best practices of digital archive
  • More efficient and secure audits
  • Process flows inspection
  • Public tender control
  • Anti-corruption prevention
  • Compliant processes assurance


Public authorities who needs to audit, research, retrieve information related to public tenders, or simply to have a global view on the state of a public procedure.
AuditManagement platform provides a secure storage of public authorities’ procedures, avoiding cost of safeguard and possible data losses. Digital preservation rules are maintained through the best proceedings of digital preservation policies.

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Users access control and authentication
User rights and permissions determine access level within the system. Ability to multifactor authentication.
Audit channel
Specific module to execute audits, by specific profiles.
Export tender processes
Run multiple files of a process tender to your computer or storage drive.
Generate evidence of actions
Ability to set up documents that can demonstrate platform practices.
Non Functional Requirements
Repository is grant under appropriate conditions for ensuring long-term access to existing information.
Backup and restore
Backups and tests restores are guaranteed in case of possible damages.
Licencing system
Ability to support several users, with different profiles.
Digital preservation
Digital information remains accessible and of sufficient authenticity to be interpreted in the future, independently of technological obsolescence or possible physical damage.
Disaster recovery
Availability of information ensures operations are restored to a right level and within a wanted timeframe.
Ongoing Support
Users can have access to a given number of events in technical support.
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