With the Auctions platform, you will get better prices for your purchases. 

The platform Gatewit Auctions® is a dynamic negotiation tool that allows the creation and management of auctions to buy or sell.

The electronic auction negotiation is a real-time process, dynamic, in which suppliers compete for the supply of goods or the provision of a service, through the successive presentation of the most competitive proposals. For buyers, the solution allows an exponential reduction in the price of acquiring objects and simultaneously in the administrative costs associated to traditional purchasing processes.

The electronic auction takes place in a 100 % dematerialised environment and which is based on remote negotiation. In the course of an electronic auction, bidding processes are remotely monitored by all participants in a shared room.

The success of the whole concept of the electronic auction is associated with its simplicity, easy implementation, and achieving rapid and significant results in waht concerns investment; savings concerning the lowest proposals are on average 30%.


1#Create Auction

Set the auction rules, define different criteria to consider, such as price, product quality , meeting deadlines etc.

2#Invite bidders 

Select suppliers you want to invite to participate in the auction. You can choose to insert your own suppliers or select the ones that are part of Gatewit´s network.

3#View bids report

Get a complete overview of the results of your electronic auction. Check and support, in real time, the participation of suppliers, price variations (etc.) and identify the best deal.

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